AutismPSA - See the spectrum in a whole new light!

Autism awareness
& acceptance in a whole new light

Our goal is to take the questions that people (including kids) ask us parents and educators about autism and present the answers in a fresh, creative way.

The girl in this video is our 12-year old daughter, Emma. She flaps her arms a lot—especially when excited—which gets a lot of curious looks. Let's work together to shed some light on these and other behaviors and traits of autism.

AutismPSA Video No.1 - “Stimming”

Here's a great video beautifully explaining "stimming" in-depth from a young autistic woman, Amythest Schaber. Visit her YouTube channel Ask an Autistic for many more incredibly informative videos!

AutismPSA Video No.2 - “Eye Contact”

Again, awesome Amythest beautifully covers the subject of our second AutismPSA video - Eye Contact

AutismPSA Video No.3 - “MythBusting: Autism = Don't Want Friends”

Helpful Links About Friendship on the Spectrum

The Mighty: 10 Truths About Making Friends when You Have Autism
Synapse: Helping Your Child to Make Friends
WikiHow: How to Be a Great Friend to an Autistic Person
Cleveland Clinic: 5 Ways to Help Your Child With Autism Make Friends
Ambitious About Autism: How Do I Make Friends?

AutismPSA Video No.4 - “MythBusting: Autism = No Love or Affection”

Helpful Info About Emotions on the Spectrum

Big Think: Do People With Autism Experience Emotions? —a pretty "scholarly" article and video, but very informative. The video that sums it up very nicely. Basically, explains that yes of course individuals with autism feel and express emotions, and discusses some of the challenges autism may cause regarding reading and expressing emotions.

Clearing up misconceptions

We're asking parents and loved ones of children young and old—as well as kids and adults on the spectrum—to share your experiences, share the things you've been asked about autism, and let us know how you'd like to see it creatively expressed.

Let's find a way together to bring a new level of awareness, understanding, and acceptance to our community!

Check back soon!

We're still in the concept stage, but can't wait to launch!

Share suggestions on what you'd like to see to or our FaceBook page:




Our online shop is now open! Show your support and spread awareness & acceptance with gear designed for autistics young and old alike, and for the people who love them.

With each AutismPSA video released, we hope to create a few designs related to the video's topic that YOU can use to help spread awareness & acceptance, and spark discussions about autism in your area.

Stimming/Flapping Designs

The first batch of designs inspired by Emma, our first AutismPSA video, and Facebook user comments is now available on T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs & more!

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